Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday Feast Feb. 24, 2006

Choose one: moving to another state, having triplets, or never being able to eat chocolate again.
Never being able to eat chocolate again. (I'm asuming we're trying to define things we'd never want to do.)
Name a news story that truly shocked you.
September 11. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, and still feel an awful ache in the pit of my stomach when it's replayed. Another story I can't believe is all the chaos spawned by a stupid little cartoon. I have never bought into the US hysteria about Muslims, and have always thought of Islam as a peaceful religion (as it is suposed to be). All the violence and carnage in response to a cartoon makes me think otherwise. It's hard not to label people fanatics when they act like fanatics.
What was your very first job?
I waited tables at my Great Aunt Marg's cafe in Queen Charolotte City when I was 10, and painted the outside steps. I didn't so much wait tables as bring people drinks and small things and just generally be cute and 10.
Main Course
If you had the chance to read the diary of someone you're really close to, would you? Why or why not?
No. If it's someone I'm really close to I probably already know most of what would be contained in it anyway, and anything I don't know is either not my business or that someone isn't comfortable talking about it.
What's something you're looking forward to?
I look forward to the day we've recovered from buying the house and have our debt paid down some. I look forward to the birth of my next niece (or nephew but I'm pretty sure it's niece). I look forward to traveling back home to see my family. I look forward to alot of things.... you have to look forward to move forward and if you're not moving forward you're either going sideways, standing still, or moving backwards.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Vampire Personality

You scored as Lestat. You are so unashamed of who you are you frighten people. Your hot and you know it. Sometimes you can be a brat but hey gotta love ya! Your Flashy sexy style makes people sit up and notice you.

















Deacon Frost




Whose your Vampire personality?
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Weekend Sugar Rush

I had a really great time this weekend. I started it early by taking Friday off so I could prepare for the Sweets party on Saturday. With two lazy guys and two large dogs, our house can become quite the pig stye, so I took the day off to clean and make some Cheesecakes for the party. I tried some new recipes, and made a chocolate cherry cheesecake and a stawberry cheesecake.
Saturday afternoon I stopped in for auditions for Crucible and Moonchildren. I'm never sure how my auditions go because I don't know if I'm actually any good at auditioning to tell the truth. Luckily I've worked with both Bob and Steven so they should have a pretty good idea of my ability audition notwithstanding. I got home around five, had a shower, a light dinner and started baking some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, so they would still be all hot and melty when people showed up. It wasn't a huge crowd but a lot of fun people and we had a good time. Bertis was first to arrive with a chocolate layer cake with lots and lots of whipped cream. Kelly Myers popped by on her way home from work for a quick drink and to say hi sadly she couldn't stay long. Brian and Helen came with marshmallow mouse (by Brian) and milk & White chocolate Cheribs that Helen made, Scott and Alison arrived with a very decadent chocolate Tort, And Suzy and Chris showed up with a fabulous pastry that was as nice to look at as it was to eat. There was lots to eat and drink and some very funny conversation... I think I will have to make this an annual party.
Sunday we were invited out to the old Neighbourhood to play a little Ramoli. We brought along the left over Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake and as many rolls of nickles as we could beg borrow or steal from the three gas stations between our place and George and Loretta's. By the end of the game I was up three dollars and ten cents and Darrell was down about ten or eleven bucks.
After all that sugar, I am detoxing today with a lunch of carrots & apples, and have a couple steaks out for dinner that I will cut into strips for Beef and Broccoli.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines Day

Another holiday dedicated to some Catholic/Christian Saint of some sort, and over commercialized to the point of being nausiating. But what the hell, it's a great excuse to pig out on chocolate, like I need an excuse.
The weekend was alot of fun. We watched the opening Cerimonies in Turino on Friday Night. I really loved the airial acrobatics. Was I the only one who found it disconcerting that the South African Team doesn't have a single Black memeber?
I went out to Script Happens on Saturday with Bertis and the Bonds. The four shows were really well done and the acting was very good. I saw a couple performances that really surprised, and impressed me. Afterwards we stopped at Churchills for a quick bite and headed home.
Sunday was a quiet day, watching the Olympic coverage & doing household chores.
Monday back to work....The pace at work has picked up again, and I am finally over that draggy feeling from Caffine withdrawl. I'm actually surprised how little I miss coffee.
I am still debating about whether or not I will be going to auditions for Crucible or Moonchildren or both, I guess I'll make that decision when I make it.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday Feast Feb. 10, 2006

What was a class or course you took while in school that you realize now was a total waste of time?
Who is the tallest person you know?
Colin, I can't remember his last name.... He's the doorman at a bar in Victoria I used to go to called BJs... He's a giant.
What's your favorite midnight snack?
At night in front of the TV we usually have chips or Popcorn. At midnight I'm asleep and I don't snack through the night.
Main Course
Have you ever found money somewhere? If so, where did you find it, and how much was it?
I found $20 on the floor of O'Learys one time. I've found money other places to, but can't remeber the specifics.
Where would you like to retire?
Nanaimo, BC. It's close to all my family, I have lots of really good friends there, by comparison to other cities on Vancouver Island it's large and affordable, you can be in Vancouver in Three hours or Victoria in an Hour and a Half, and the winters are mild. I plan to spend my retirement traveling.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


We got together with Bertis and the Bonds again last night and went to see Brokeback mountain. I think this one has a lot of Oscar potential. It was very well done, the performances were excellent, the story was good. The ending was surprising and I certainly didn't anticipate it.
We met up before the movie at the A&W... I haven't been there in a really long time, in fact I'd never been to the new one on the East side before last night.
After the movie Brian and Helen stopped by the house for a beer..... all and all a really good time.
I actually have enough work to keep me very busy today so the day should go by pretty quick. Good thing too, I gave up coffee last week and have felt a little draggy ever since. One of my medications has been making my blood pressure high, so instead of adding yet another pill to my portfolio to bring it back down, I opted for giving up coffee and switching to Herbal tea.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Nothing makes a work day go slower than having almost nothing to do. I am working on one ad today, but have spent the majority of my time waiting to hear back from people. I spent most of the day updating my flickr photo page with pictures. I didn't have a lot posted there before, but I sure do now.
It's too bad my little office isn't big enough for a couch... I think I could nap about now.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday already

This weekend was good. We went out with Bertis and the Bonds on Friday. We met at Pizza Delight, had some dinner, and then headed for the show. We saw Syriana at the Rothesay theatre. It was a long movie, or at least it seemed to be. We did have a great idea come from dinner though. Bertis was commenting on how all the deserts at the "chain" restaurants always seemed to be the same choices. Which led to an idea about having a valentines desert party where everyone brought their favorite sweet.
There are way too many things going on around valentines though, so I'm thinking maybe we could have it on the 18th.... sound interesting to anyone?
Saturday I watched the Aviator on DVD... another long movie. Howard Hughes was quite an interesting character, sadly Leonardo Dicaprio as Howard hughes was not.
Sunday I did laundry.
Today... I have almost nothing to do for work. I am waiting to hear back about a script for a commercial before I start building the rest of it.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday Feast Feb 3, 2006

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10=highest), how sociable are you?
I'm about a 9.. I love to go out and be sociable, or stay in and be sociable. Darrell on the other hand is a more stay in and be sociable kind of guy, and very fussy about going out so I'd give him about a 5... and we fall somewhere in the middle

Name 3 DVDs you currently own.
I own too many Movie DVDs to name only three... but there are a few notables including SJTC Guys and Dolls (the first DVD I actually made), & Grandma's Brag book (the DVD I made for my mom with pictures of my nephew)

If you were to win a superlative award now (such as most talented, class clown, most likely to succeed), what would it be?
That's something someone else has to pick, I don't see myself in those terms.

Main Course
What is your favorite radio station?
I don't have a favorite, my car has a CD player

Complete this sentence: I believe __________ because __________.
I believe everything happens for a reason because I've witnessed too many examples not to.


My appointment with the doctor in Halifax was pretty much the same as always..... Skin looks like it's improving a bit, blood work is good, stay on this dose, here's some new prescriptions, see you in three months. Then down to the Hospital Pharmacy for a shopping back full of anti-rejection drugs that would cost about $3000 if I actually had to buy them.
I actually don't mind any of it at this point... it's been nearly 7 years of this so I'm pretty used to it, but I absolutely hate the Drive there and back.
I hate it because I have to drive in the dark either on the way there, on the return trip, or, depending on the test, both.
I never used to hate driving at night, in fact my buddies and I used to hop in the car in Courtenay , drive three hours to Victoria, Party until the clubs closed and head home, without even batting an eye. In BC However the roads are actually marked so that you can see them at night. There are little reflector cats eyes down the center line... Yellow ones for yellow lines and white ones for white lines, and they use reflective paint to paint the lines. You can light up half a block of highway with a flashlight... It's kind of like driving in a video game. So who the hell is in charge on this side of the Country? BC doesn't hold the patent on reflectors or reflective paint.
Honestly I'm not surprised there are so many accidents here, at night the road just disapears in places... and god help you if it's wet, or foggy. You drive by bloody feel half the time. If you're banging, and bumping, and thumping, and generally being thrown around and hitting huge holes... you know you're on the road. If it smoothes out.. panic.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Soo Cool

Ever since visiting Rick Mercer's blog, I have been doing the Photo Challenge on the Mercer Report website. Admittedly I've only done two, but it was so cool last night to turn on the Mercer Report and see... you guessed it the Photo I edited in Photoshop on the Show. The original photo was one of Gilles Duceppe playing basketball, and I downloaded it and then turned it into Gille Duceppe figure skating and holding Stephen Harper in a lift... I called it Balance of power... since the Bloc holds the Balance of Power in the house. Anyway, it actually made it onto the show last night and I was pretty happy about it. I supose if I had stayed at work a little later yesterday I would have known it would be on since they sent me a release form to sign and send back, but I went home early.

I was up in Moncton today picking Darrell up at the airport. His flight was delayed by about four hours thanks to the snow storm. I hadn't realized how bad it was until I got nearer to Moncton... glad it was them and not us.

I'm off to Halifax tomorrow and Cindy Day says it will be lovely weather... she better be right.