Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Down Time

I finally got everything for my animations all done. At least everything I can do, now it's up to the computer and the powers that be to render out beautiful and (fingers crossed) perfectly times animation to cover the sultry voice over of one Tim Turnell.
As a result of life being up to the computer, I decided to take the rest of the day off, and de-stress at home with my roller and gallon of chocolate coloured paint. Darrell, will unfortunately be working late to finish up his portion of the project which is significantly larger than mine.

I don't know why I've been so frustrated over the Cabaret DVD really, it has only been two weeks after, and I did take nearly six months to finish it. At any rate, if I haven't heard from you, and you know who you are, get in touch with me to at least acknowledge whether or not you want it. I'm really very easy to find and extremely accommodating.

I can't wait to see if we get any little weeners at the door tonight... the chances are slim being that there's only two little kids on this road and they live at the other end of it... but you never know. We didn't get any last year, and ended up eating all that junk food ourselves. This year we didn't go over the top for candy, just got two of those boxes of little chocolate bars, and bulk bag of little potatoe chip bags.....hehehehehehe.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Spoke too Soon

I haven't posted since this time last week, and at the time I felt like I had just come off the longest week ever... I was wrong. It was just getting warmed up. We worked late every evening last week, plus I had my classes. Then we worked both Saturday and Sunday as well, and are working late most of this week to boot. We have a deadline looming on Thursday and a lot of work to get done before it comes, which translates into working late and weekends.

I got some nice paint for the walls in the recroom that border my cabinet, but spent most of my free time on the weekend (what little there was of it) patching the drywall. I'm itching to get painting, but don't know when that will happen. We also popped out to Hunter Lake Lumber and picked up some nice oak to build an extension on our existing canopy for the 77 gallon. We want to hook up one of the Metal hallide lights to acclimate the corals to the higher light intensity they will recive when the 130 is up and running... I just wish I could squeeze out some time to get that done. I'd also like to be able to squeeze out 20 minutes a day to practice my guitar. I got some practicing done on Saturday, but that's the last time I was able to pick it up. Taking lessons doesn't do anyone any good if they can't practice between them.

It wasn't all hectic, work work work, on the weekend though. We had a nice little shopping trip to Richies where we found some nice tile for the back wall over the cabinet. We didn't buy it yet, but at least we've finally settled on something. That was how I was able to get a paint colour for the walls.

I had a really nice visit with June Garnett on Saturday, when she dropped by the house to pick up her Cabaret DVD. She's one busy lady. She's singing in just about everything that going on right now. She's got a pretty strong voice so I can see why she's in such demand.

I'm starting to get pretty seriously frustrated with the whole Cabaret DVD thing. I have 17 people still left on the list that said they wanted them, but haven't heard back from most of them. It's starting to feel like Guys & Dolls all over again, when I ended up out of pocket for the supplies with a whole bunch of copies left over. I mean come on, the very least you can do is send me a bloody e-mail. I know some people are out of town, but here's the kicker....I've heard from all of them. In fact Alex, who is traveling around the country at the moment somehow managed to make arrangements to have his copy picked up.... so why is it so hard for people who live right uptown, or work just two blocks away? I'm not saying people should rush in here tripping all over themselves, but at least call or send an e-mail....acknowledge the fact that you ordered it and still intend to get it... cause I'm sick of chasing people around... I mean hell, I've even offered to arrange to drop it off to people or meet them here in the evening, if they'd bother to get in touch me. I don't think this is something I'll be doing again. I gave up too much of my free time, and spent too much of my own money on it, and frankly it doesn't feel worth it. I could've used the weekends and evenings I spent in here editing my pilot, which could actually make this company quite a bit of money if it flies, instead I did Cabaret, and it's looking more and more like I'm going to be left with a bunch of copies and a big expense... it hardly seems worth it.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Longest week ever

Last week felt like the longest ever. Not sleeping well, combined with a few drinks on Monday night, a busy work week, and something to do every evening, made for a week from hell.

I did the Board of Trade Mixer on Wednesday, and was actually quite surprised how much I managed to paint in just an hour and a half. I got my entire picture blocked out. I haven't had a chance to sit down and finish it yet, but maybe this weekend.

Thursdays classes were fine. I wish I could have found some time to get a little guitar practice in before my lesson though. I am going to work extra hard the next three days to squeeze out 20 minutes a day to practice.... oh to be a kid again and have nothing but school and homework to take up my time.

Friday after my class ended at 7, Darrell and I headed up to Fredericton, to see a guy who was selling off all his salt water gear. He's in the military and heading to Italy to learn to inspect container ships so he can't maintain his tank. We got a computerized aquacontroller, which will pretty much run your entire house if you set it up right it seems. You can program it to turn lights on and off, you can log on from work and checkout your aquarium stats, you can even program it to e-mail you if your tank gets too many degrees over your desired temperature....pretty cool thing, and seemingly very complicated to figure out at the moment. I'm sure by the end of the week Darrell will have it purring like a kitten. We also got his very large, very expensive skimmer, and a large rock with a nice coral and some xenias on it. He had a maroon clownfish, named Atlantis, that no one wanted (maybe because he described it as the spawn of Satan) and he just gave her to us. We have her in our little 20 gallon quarantine tank at the moment because he said she was quite agressive. We're going to put her in the 77 gallon that will have the snowflake eel, when everything else if finally done. She's a really beautiful fish. We can't put her in our main tank or the 25 tall though, because the main has our clarkii clowns and the 25 has our nemo clowns, and you just can't mix them.

Saturday morning I taught animation for a birthday party at the school from 10 - 12. It was a party of 9 eleven year old girls, and it was suposed to be an hour of animation and an hour of painting, but after the first hour on the computers the girls didn't want to stop, so it turned into two hours of animation. When we were in Fredericton the night before the guy had two really nice pieces of live rock that I wanted, but he had promised them to someone else. The guy he promised them two flaked out, and he called me to tell me he was coming into Saint John for a party, and asked if I still wanted the rock, so I said yes. I met him in the parking lot of the Colonial Inn, and I'm sure to the casual observer it would have looked like quite the deal was going down. I handed him some cash, he put a package in my trunk, I drove away... it looked alot like a drug deal, although I'm beginning to think drugs would be a cheaper hobby hehehe. When I got the rock home it was a lot bigger than I remembered it, and we had to take apart and rebuild an entire section of the reef to fit it all in, but it looks great now. There is lots and lot of really great stuff growing on the new rocks, which is part of the reason I wanted them. There are tonnes of xenias, a few spots of some as yet unidentified coral, and some blue mushrooms.

Once we got the tank put back together we were off to Brian and Helen's to hang out with them and Bertis and Colin, and Chad and Michelle. We had a good time sitting around talking and having a few drinks.

Sunday I got some work done on my cabinet. I got the pieces of plywood for the top cut and the first coat of urithane on them. This is only the first top, then a solid oak top goes on top of that. We also did a little cleaning, and then spent the evening in with Brothers & Sisters, Kyle XY, and Desperate Housewives.

Tonight I will be spending the evening on the couch with my must see TV.... Two and a Half Men, Rules of Engagement, How I met your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and of course..... Heroes!!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


It really feels like hump day today. Drinking at Monday's party was a bad idea. I've been pretty dragged out all week.

Tonight there is a Board of Trade Open house at Atlantica and I've been asked to come in and paint while it's happening. As with all events at the school, we are always looking toward enrollment in the next session of classes. There will be displays of the services offered and instructors on hand to explaint heir courses. If you're interested in popping in, I believe it starts at 6.

Tomorrow will be a fairly late evening since I have my painting classes until 9. Friday a have an evening class until 7, and then Saturday there is a birthday party from 10 until 12. I'll have 9 eleven year old girls for two hours. No rest for this guy.

Construction in the basement has been coming along fine. I now have the actual front on the cabinet....yay. There's still lots to do and I don't have the time nor money to do any of it at the moment.

Work is super busy and I have three things on the go at the moment aside from my other pet project... my pilot. I had to get my first pet project "Cabaret" out of the way, before I could even think about starting my pilot, and I have a feeling it is going to be another of those, edit a bit... move it to storage... edit a bit.. move it to storage... stay late a few evenings... come in on a few weekends....etc etc etc. It's kind of sad when you think of it, since the pilot is designed to sell a series that will be a big money maker for the company, but the actual pilot itself isn't paying us anything so it has to come last in line.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The weekend

I feel like there was lot of stuff crammed into the weekend, but I can't think of what it was.
Friday I taught my class. I have four boys, all roughly the same age and they are all very gung ho students. I have a lot of fun teaching them, because they are so excited about animation. I was showing them how to do keyframing and build a walking loop, and told them that sometimes, when you're doing character animation it just helps if you get up and do the action you're trying to animate and break it down into parts to identify the key frames, so of course by the end of the class I had four boys all getting up and moving around and really studying the way they were moving... honestly, it's the first time the students in my class have actually followed through on that, in my previous class, they had already been with a different instructor and been taught different methods, so it was hard to bring them around to what I was trying to show them, because we had to go backwards a bit. These new classes, I'm starting them off fresh and it's cool to watch them go along with me... it's also cool to see that what I'm doing is working.

Friday night Bertis and the Bonds were over. I haven't seen Bertis in what seems like a very long time, because he's been very busy working. We had a private screening of the Cabaret DVD, because I had to test it and make sure everything worked on it and it played in our DVD player which is a few years old. Today I am labelling the boxes... the final step in the final product to be shown tonight at the Sommerset. We are starting at 7. Act one is 1:40 minutes long, and act 2 is about 40 minutes long. The show starts at 7:30 so it should be finishing up around 10. I know there are lots of people who can't make it because of rehearsals, but if you are wrapping up around 9:30 or 10 and want to stop in at the Sommerset to get your DVD after let me know, and I'll stick around a little while. If not, I'll see you throughout the week, I'm sure, as you drop by the office. For those of you in the Rothesay area, if it's easier for you to drop by the house let me know and I'll take some home with me.

Saturday, I got some work done on my cabinet in the basement, and also did some work on an animation of a penguin, I'm working on, for an educational website. We popped out to the pet store and picked up some aquarium substrate so we'll have it when it's time to set up the new system, and I finally managed to talk the guy at vilage Pets into giving me the Neon Goby they had there for $30. It was listed at $39.99 which is insane for a fish that lists at J&L in Vancouver for $15. We are doing a fish order in the near future, because we have to get our livestock before the winter comes and J&L stops shipping. It is a really sad, that we can order fish from Vancouver, have them sent here on aircanada, and it still works out a lot cheaper than buying them from our local pet store. It's hard to not feel completely ripped off. As a comparison, at Village Pets they are selling a Yellow tang for $79.99. The same fish at J&L is $24, granted their minimum shipping rate is $54 to Saint John, but that is for five bags of livestock, so you can have five fish shipped to you for that. Even if it was just that one fish, it still works out to a dollar cheaper, spread that shipping cost over five fish. Plus if you don't have five fish you want, you can do a group order, and someone else in Saint John can phone up and add to your order, then you split the shipping. There's a reef aquarium forum for the Atlantic and they're doing group orders all the time. I try very hard to support local business, but when you're getting screwed by them, why bother? I didn't mind paying $30 for the Goby, considering they had it there for a month so I knew it was healthy, and I could chalk the extra $15 up to shipping, but I certainly wasn't going to pay $40 for it...... end rant.

The Goby now resides in our smaller tank with the Nemos, Regal Tang, and Racoon Butterfly. The Racoon has been harrassing it to clean him ever since the fish was put in.... (they're a cleaner species, but unlike cleaner wrasses, Neon Gobys don't live solely by cleaning other fish, and eat other food, plus they will reproduce in captivity.)

Sunday I got the front put on the cabinet. Now I need to get a piece of plywood for the top, some oak 1x4s for the molding, and some oak 1x6s for the actual top. I'm doing the plywood top first and screwing that down into the support walls, then gluing the solid oak top on top of that. That way there is a solid inch and a half top surface, to support the over 200 gallons of water that will be sitting on top of it. The cabinet itself is over nine feet long, and our 130 gallon tank is only 6 feet long, so we have ordered another 65 gallon tall tank, that is three feet long, with the same depth and height dimensions as the 130. This way I can run one big long canopy over both of them, and it will seem like there's one giant 9 foot tank up there..... It's gonna be awsome!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Almost off the drugs!!!!!

Yesterday's trip to Moncton almost felt wasted at first. I got to the hospital and parked a block away in the two hour residential parking. I can't imagine anyone would bother with the pay lot when you can walk an extra block and park for free, but there are some lazy lazy people out there. Granted some people can't walk that far, which is why they're at the hospital to begin with, but they shouldn't have to pay for parking on principle alone. I think it's insane that patients have to pay to park their cars at the hospital... it's criminal really. Anyway.....

So I get up to the Oncology clinic to see my doctor and he wasn't there, it was one of the other doctors from Halifax who doesn't know me from a hole in the ground. I was starting to feel like I had totally wasted my time and money on this trip when I talked to nurse and discovered that my doctor was no longer going to be coming to the Moncton clinics and this new doctor was who I would be seeing fro now on. Anyway, it was a long discussion. I saw the doctor and she looked over my skin etc and decided to lower my dose once again. I've been off my cyclosporin for three months now with no problems, and now I'm down to the lowest possible dose of Celcept. In three months when all is well, I will go off that as well. I actually coule have gone right off it uesterday, but my doctor has been doing everything extremely gradually, and I made the call that I wanted to go from taking the pill twice a day to once a day before going off completely. It only took a month for my skin to tighten up tot he point I couldn't stretch my arms out completely straight and it's taken a few years for it to heal to the point it has gotten to so far, so I'm in no rush to potentially relapse.

Being in Moncton, of crouse I couldn't help myself and stopped at Noble Aquariums. They are right by the hospital so not stopping would just be rude. I ended up buying a new fish... surprise. I got a little Mandarin Dragonet. He's beautiful. According to my fish book he produces a toxic slime coat that protects him from predator, but won't protect him from anemones. I have six anemones in the tank, so I'm hoping that , like other fish he instinctively avoids them. He would make for a very expensive anemone snack. I'm not going to worry about it too much, though. If he suddenly disapears I'll know what hapened, but I'm going to be optimistic that won't happen.

When I got home from Moncton Darrell and I came into town to get some errands done, had a couple whoppers for dinner, and stopped at Starbucks for a hazelnut mocha. I've been to MacAllister Mall more times inthe past month than I think I have the entire nine years I've lived in Saint John.... Oh Starbucks, How I have missed ye.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Long Week, Longer Weekend!

Last week went generally quite well. I haven't been sleeping too well lately so I've been kind of dragged out. I'm almost finished my last feature for the Cabaret disk 2. Hopefully that is done today and I can start authoring it. Then get down to the business of duplication. Having an actaul deadline now, is going to help. Of course now that I do have ad eadline and stoll have some work to do n it, a bunch of stuff is flooding through the door to hinder my progress. But, no fear I will finish on time.

Things at Atlantica are going well. My classes are running smoothly and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and making good progress. One hour painting classes aren't long enough though. It's so relaxing and fun to paint that the our blows by to quickly. I started them on their first full scene last week, and they got the sky and distant mountains all done, which is quite a bit for an hour, where everyone is learning how to do stuff. In my kids class it's quite a mix, From a grade 12 student who just got an art scholarship, to a 10 year old girl, to a young chinese student who speaks no English, yet still everyone is keeping up and doing fine.

Being a long weekend, we took Friday off as well and streched it into four days. I still had to come in for my 6 O'clock animation class, but that was no big deal. I got a lot done on my cabinet downstairs this weekend. We went to Hunter lake lumber and bought some rough oak for the front. They even planed it down to the exact width and thickness I wanted for no extra charge. Saved me a lot of time and mess ahving to do it at home. They have an industrial planer that does all four side at the same time....I WANT ONE!

Saturday we went to on of our neighbour's houses for a Turkey Fry. They deep fried three turkeys over the course of the day. I've never had deep fried turkey before, but it was really good. Of course you miss out on the stuffing and the gravy that way, but it was still really good. After that we went to another nieghbour's house for a bon fire that lasted until the wee hours.

Sunday We went to Brian and Helen's for a really great dinner, and stayed quite late there as well, just hanging out watching Sunday night TV.

Monday I worked all day downstairs on the cabinet. I got the last of the inside back panels urithaned, and most of the rails glued for the front. tonight I will glue the last fo them, then Wednesday I'll put that baby together!!!!

I'm in Moncton tomorrow for a doctor's appointment.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


There have been some really good premiers in the past couple weeks. Heroes of course tops my list. I love that show so much it is probably sad. How i met your Mother, Two and a Hals Men, and Rules of Engagment have all started off really good. The new show grouped with them, the Big Bang Theary, so far has been quite funny. I wonder what happened to cancel The Class though, it was really good. Brothers & Sisters, and Desperate Housewives are both looking good this season, although the plot line with Justin on Brothers and Sisters is pretty predictable. He's been recalled by the Army and sent to Iraq, his contract with the show hasn't expired, they can't show him in a different country all the time, and since the tours of duty are being extending in unfathomable ways over there, there's only really two ways soldiers are coming back from there lately; either injured or in body bags, so obviously he is going to be injured and sent home......duh. Unless they have the Senator (Rob Lowe) pull some strings behind the scenes, which won't happen because he has designs on running for president.

New Shows: Have caught three episodes of Gossip Girl, it's okay, I may might stick with it. Although I think if I start getting busy it will be one of the first to go, and certainly won't make the "must see" list. That's basically reserved for Sunday and Monday anyway. New Bionic Woman.... Jury's still out on that one. Interesting idea, but I'm a fan of the original, so.... I'll give it a chance to win me over. Pushing Daisies, very interesting and quirky so far. It's kind of a mix of Dead Like Me and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.... I think I like it. If they can keep up the quirky I'll keep up with it.

There is one show I've been watching alot of lately and it's really nothing short of spectacular. It hasn't come out yet, but I've had the privledge of private advance screenings and I can't wait for you to see it. In fact I believe the premier will be Monday the 15th, right here in Saint John at the Sommerset Pub... time to be annouced later. Here's a couple previews:

So What

Don't Tell Mama

Monday, October 01, 2007

October 1

Been lazy about posting lately. There hasn't been a whole lot going on. I'm working on the DVD still. I have gotten to the program and bio section and am just waiting for a picture and a bio that weren't in the program before that part can be finished. I also have to edit the photo section which will take a little time, but hopefully I can get this thing put to bed soon.

My classes have been going well. The kids for the animation classes are very keep so it's been quite easy to get them on track. This week they will be recording their voice overs for their projects. My painting classes are also going really well. I have five kids in my kids class and nine adults in the my adults class, and so far no one has quit or fled the room in tears, so all is going well.

I've been busy workng on the new cabinet downstairs. It's been slow going because I've been doing it in pieces as we can afford it.

The anemone that split is still doing fine. All the pieces formed up and they were fed for the first time this weekend. All of them grabbed the food and ate, so we are hopeful that they will all survive and thrive.

Went to a wrap party at Greg's on Friday. It was a really good time. Unfortunately Darrell had to work Saturday so we couldn't stick around long, otherwise we probably would've watched the usn come up with the rest. Saturday night we went to Trish and Mike's for Ramoli, and Sunday we stayed home and caught up on some house hold chores. I got some more panels cut, sanded, and the first coats of urithane on each, for the cabinet. I am now at the point of needing some rough Oak to do the front.

My workouts have been going really well lately. I've managed to get back into the swing of things int he past couple weeks, after missing a bunch over the summer. I'm back to being able to run the entire 20 minutes on the treadmill. Not ready for any 10K s or anything like that, but still doing pretty good none the less.

So that's the long and short of it I guess...same old same old.