Monday, August 17, 2009

What an Awsome Weekend!!

We have been spending the past three weekends at the gay campground just outside of Fredericton. It is a really beautiful location, and a great facility with free showers, heated pool, and club house for events, but mostly it is a really nice community of people. In fact in the past 11 years it is the first time we have both felt like a part of any community in the maritimes.

It was a weekend full of special occasions as well. Friday was Darrell's birthday, Saturday was our 11th Anniversy, and Sunday was our Friend's David and Miachael's anniversary. So needless to say a lot of alcohol was packed. I stayed home from work on Friday and got stuff ready so we could just hitch up the camper and get right on the road. (We bought a 12 foot hardtop tent trailer three weeks ago, that combined with Fredericton's superior weather has fueled the camping bug lol). We got away a little later than planned but were in the road by five so it put us into the campgrounds around 6:30, which wasn't bad. We got set up and settled in, and eventually David and Michael made it out to join us. They got a little lost due to some construction detours, but ultimately we all ended up in the same place. We had a great night having a few drinks and visiting the other campers.

Saturday was a scorcher of a day. So once we were all up and had breakfast we spent some time in the pool. We made several trip to the pool throughout the day. Around 8 ish that evening my cousin Laura and her partner Ray arrived at the camp to hang out and help us celebrate our anniversary, they even brought some sparkling for the occasion....woohoo. I took Laura on a walk around the campsite to show her around, and when we got down near the washrooms where there is a seasonal tent set up, the three girls who stay there spun their heads around so fast I thought I could actually hear the vertibrea pop, then I remebered...oh Yeah...that's right....Laura's hot! It was actually quite cute. We headed over to the clubhouse for karaoke around 9. It was the first time they had karaoke there since we started going to the campgrounds so no one there had actaully heard me sing yet. Laura and Ray had also never heard me, so I was feeling a tiny bit nervous with a new crowd and family there, but for me those nerves usually only last about half a verse into the first song. I did two in a row and the campers were quite surpised. There were only a few singers in the crowd, but everyone was quite good. Laura put up a song as well, and they called her up to sing it right after I had just finished singing Sherry. She said something, like of sure call me up right after my cousin, and Randy the Host said, well let's see if that voice runs in the family. The music started and Laura opened her mouth and out came a great big powerful voice....blew my mind because I had absolutly no idea she sang. We sang a few more songs and then Randy suggested that we should try a duet, he also said that we needed to make an album together. We tried Picture by Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock, it was really good if I do say so myself. Ray and Laura didn't stay for the whole thing, but are coming back for more karaoke next weekend (fingers Crossed). Of course I stayed until the bitter end and then we all ended up around our neighbour's fire. I didn't factor in the bubbly to my drinking equation so was double fisting it for a portion of the night and actually got quite drunk, the sky was starting to brighten by the time I finally rolled into bed.

Of course when you're camping you're up with the sun, so I was up far too early and feeling the effects of drinking far too much for a man my age. Had a quick bite and then right into the pool, because the day started out hot and just got hotter. I got lots and lots of compliments about the singing the night before, for both me and Laura. She and Ray were quite the hit with the girls and guys alike, they all really liked them. After lunch we started packing up. David and Michael headed out and Darrell started breaking down the camper. There was no breeze so the heat actually started to feel punishing by the time we were finally on the road home.(I never thought cold Foggy Saint John would be a relief but it was) We unpacked everything and put some stuff away then Darrell headed off for a nap and I went to soak in a luke warm tub. afterwards I came into the office to start the final render of the final segment of an animation project that has been ongoing for nearly a year. My friend Jesse was down in Saint John from Fredericton for Pride and his husband told me he was planning to go to the drag show at Element, so I popped down to visit with him. When I got there Michelle, the hostess spotted me, and asked me to sing a song at the end of the first set. I was pretty scratchy and dry, but I said sure why not. Jesse left before it came up because he wanted to get back to Fredericton so he didn't get to hear, but it was actually really good. I did Try by Blue Rodeo and crowd went nuts. It was a pretty good boost to the end of an already pretty great weekend.

Today I am decompressing and recovering from all the fun, booze, and sun. Plus I'm feeling pretty good about finally finishing a very long on going project, although it technically isn't finished yet, it's just completed. The corporate whosey whats its still have to go over it up the and down the chain and see if there are things they want to change.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Elevator Etiquite

Why is it so damn hard for people to figure out how to work an elevator? You press the button and step back. The elevator arrives, the doors open, the people get off, and you get on. You press the button for the floor you are going to and find a place to stand until the elevator arrives at your destination. The doors open and you get off. Pretty damn simple if you ask me.

You do not, press the button and then stand right in the center of the door waiting to barge on the second they open. The elevator isn't going to leave you behind. Let the people off first!! Oh yeah, and if the button you for your floor is already lit up, there really is no need for you to press it again.

And if there happens to be someone on the elevator who needs extra assistance getting on and off, or extra time, you put your arm across the doors or press the door open button and get out of their way so they can get off with as least amount of hassle as possible. Don't step over them or crowd them. Parents you are responsible to keeping control of your children as well, do not let them go barging on over top of everyone. People are so rude and stupid sometimes it makes me want to scream!

Here's something that perplexes me about one elevator in particular. The elevator in Brunswick Square which you have to take if you want to go to the gym, go figure having to take an elevator to go work out. There is a post about three feet out in front of the door and people waiting for the elevator tend to stand in that area. On the other side of that post is easily 20 feet of walking space. So why do all the people wandering through the mall feel the need to squeeze themselves between the people waiting and the elevator door in that three feet of space? WTF?