Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I must be really wicked

So they say no rest for the wicked... well I must be super wicked then. I really thought things would slow down a little after Evita and the Move. If anything they just got busier.
One minute we're moving.... having a huge housewarming party (the cathetor really did come in handy for that, but I'm glad it's gone.) Then the next thing you know...a tonne of work projects flouded in out of nowhere. Not to mention I promised to do sound for the Theatre Companies production of the Sunshine Boys. I thought doing something backstage would be less of a time and energy commitment than being on stage... I was mostly right, but not completely. It was a really fun thing to do though, and the Imperial Theatre has a state of the art computerized sound system that scared the hell out of me. I was terrified to touch anything, so basically stuck to the buttons Malcolm showed me. The rest of the time I did a lot of leaning over and reaching and generally looking like I was doing something. The sound guy is actually down in the audience so people could see me.
No sooner had we wrapped that project and gotten over the hangover from the all night and a little into the next day cast and crew party, than we got a new client at work...... and they wanted animation. Not just flying text either. I'm talking a scale model of the west side of Saint John, displaying new proposed roads etc etc. .... Unfortunately they needed it yesterday, but couldn't get me the stuff I needed until tomorrow... if you get the picture...... lots of lost sleep and two all night work sessions later I managed to get it all done, only to have them come back with another project just like it.
They really loved the first one, so descided to do another. Not on the West side though... this time over on the east side in the old ship building yard. So I'm building a whole new part of the city, and you guessed it they needed it yesterday, and yes this is my second all nighter. God I love this job. (the scary thing is..... I really do)

Well I just thought I'd jot that down since I haven't really posted anything here is a very long time. not that I've had the time.... Til next time........