Monday, April 11, 2005

Time for a Breather.... finally.

Holy... busy Batman! I honesty can't believe just how many things have happened in the past couple weeks.
1) Evita...... The show went really well. I was happy with my performances all four shows.(of course there were little things I would have corrected etc, but nothing major.) The review in the paper was not the greatest, but you can hardly compare a local theatre company to a broadway cast... I can't honesty say I disagreed with the criticisms. Of course that is the opinion of one man, as compared to the really great reviews we got from other members of the audience over the course of the run. Those who can, perform.... those who can't, become critics.
2) With absolutely no time to catch my breath (or suffer post production depression) after the show... it was time to move. We took everything in two loads of the U-Haul we rented and spent the day lugging, and lifting, and hauling, and driving, and pushing, and pulling, and grunting, and sweating, and packing, and unpacking, and disassembling, and assembling, and arranging, and rearranging...... and then we were moved. The next day we returned to the little mini home we have rented for almost six years and cleaned...oy. I thought I had done a pretty good job of precleaning, but once you take everything out you can tell someone has been there for nearly six years. Thankfully the mini home is not large, so the deep cleaning didn't take all day, and we managed to get home in time to set up most of the house.
3) On Friday I received an e-mail from Bertis wondering why I hadn't called him to help with the move and suggesting we should get together with the Bonds and go out for dinner and Martinis. Of course I suggested we stay in for Dinner and Martinis at our new house on Saturday evening (not thinking for a second it was Friday). Then at a meeting for the crew of Sunshine Boys (which I'm doing sound for) I invited a few more people, and thus we had our first dinner party in our new house. It was a lot of fun, I made Fetucinni Carbonara and Garlic Cheese Bread, and bought a bottle of Vodka, Vermouth, and an Ammaretto just for fun. Bertis Brought the Ceasar Salad, a bottle of Creme de Cacao, vanilla vodka, and orange juice (chocolate martini mixings), and Brian and Helen brought the Cranberry juice, and triple sec (crantinis). We already had a fridge full of beer and Smirnoff Ice (that was purchased for the move), and some baileys... so we were all set up for a pretty good night. After dinner Chad and Nancey stopped by for drinks and hadn't realized we just moved in. They actually thought we'd been there awhile, so we must've placed everything fairly well. And our old neighbours George and Loretta stopped in too. Like I said.... Lots of fun.
4) Next I was off to Halifax for my surgery. The Wednesday after moving in, I went under the knife to have Ureathroplasti to remove a stricture. In short... unpleasant. Basically there was about a 1 cm section of my urinary tract that had gotten narrow and was resticting the flow. (last year it actually closed completely and had to be surgically dialated.... extremely Unpleasant) So the doctor cut that peice out and joined the ends of the tube together. I spent three days in the Halifax Hospital (which was actually quite refreshing all things considered.) I basically ate, slept, and read. Apart from the discomfort of the surgery site, and the cathetor (which will be my companion for the next three weeks) it was a fairly nice "time out". I got home Friday afternoon, and spent the weekend hobbleing around doing little things here and there in the ongoing setup of our new house.
5) Saturday we had the ADT guy out to install the security system and Sunday Darrell cleared a bunch of the small trees and brush and we set up a clothes line. (We haven't bought the new dryer yet... so this will buy us a lot of time... not to mention I like clothes off the line better, and it conserves energy.)
6) Today is my first day back to work and there are 5 projects piled up in my absence that I should be getting to instead of typing this long post, but aside from that the frantic rushing about is over for now.... back to a more normal pace. There will be some rushing around this week in preparation for the Housewarming/Open house party this Saturday, but nothing major. (I don't know if it can be called a housewarming though.... I'm not sure but I think a housewarming has to be planned and executed by someone other than the home owners.) At least thanks to my new companion I won't have to worry about line ups for the bathroom during the party.