Friday, December 30, 2005


We are back to work after the "Holidays"... frankly I think I need a Holiday from both Work and Holidays because Holidays are big work.
My Mom arrived on Friday the 23rd and we spent a quiet evening at the house. Saturday we headed down to Calais for a little cross border shopping at Mardens. We didn't really find much, but we also didn't have a lot of time to look around. Mom picked up a couple little outfits for my nephew Cole (2 years old). I got all my sewing done in time for Sunday... Mom loved her nightgown and it actually fit.
It was a fairly laid back Christmas day all in all. Darrell and I decided to just buy ourselves something big instead of doing all the gift exchange stuff... so we bought a nice table saw. His parents also gave us money for a gift and we put it towards the saw. We did get a few little stocking stuffer type things for each other though. He got me a couple beginner guitar books, a guitar stand, some picks, a patch cord, and the Batman Boxed DVD set with all four movies. We haven't had a chance to look at it yet, but I'm hoping there will be some good extra stuff on the special features disks. I was extremely disapointed by the extra features for Fantisic Four... I was hoping for some making of stuff to get a feel for how some of the effects were made. I got Darrell some CK1, a BBQ utensil set, an automatic pepper grinder.. and there are couple things he wanted that we are holding off on until they go on sale. When we phoned my Sister's place Christmas Morning she informed me that I had to make alterations to her PJ's... not because they don't fit, but because they have to be made into Maternity PJ's.... so I'm now in the process of adding some adjustable elastics to the pants. (I don't actually have to write that she's pregnant.... you got that from the Maternity part right?)
Boxing day we got up and ready and headed into town to find everything closed. That West Coast lifestyle I used to live makes me forget sometimes that I live in a Province that is 20 years behind the rest of the globe.
The day after Boxing day we hit the malls and found some fun stuff. Mom got me the new Diana gaboldon Novel... a Breath of Snow and Ashes at Coles. I didn't even know it was out yet, and can't wait to crack the spine and soak it all up. "here's hoping it is better than Firey Cross... or as it was called by many on the Jack Whyte Forum... Brianna's leaky nipple saga.
Wednesday mom flew out for home... and Thursday we were back to work. thank God it's Friday and we may get alittle rest over the weekend.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Classic Leading Man Test

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Find out what kind of classic leading man you'd make by taking the Classic Leading Man Test.

The Weekend

I thought after Christmas Carol was over life would slow down a little but it just hasn't, If anything it's gotten a lot more hectic. I've been trying to get ready for Christmas.. Darrell and I aren't normally big Christmas type people, but my Mom is flying out from Calgary this year so we are trying to bump up the Jolly Ho Ho Ho thing because of it. Which makes me a very busy person.
I am working on something extra special for my Mom that requires sewing. When my Mom was a little girl my Great Grandma used to sew flannel PJ's & Nightgowns for everyone and on Christmas eve everyone got to open them and wear them to bed... and the whole family would be wearing their new jamies for Christmas morning. This is something Great Grandma did right up until she died ten year ago, and when you consider she had seven kids and of those had four or five and all of those turned around and had two or three... that makes for a lot of sewing. After Great Gramda died... my sister started buying my Mom a flannel night gown every year, but since she's going to be here this year I thought I would be cool if I got out the sewing machine and carried on a family tradition. Of course by carry it on I mean for my Mom, Sister, Brother-in law, and nephew... not the whole clan. So I am still up to my ass in flannel. I have finished my Mom's nightgown and a PJ set for my sister, and have started to work on my Brother inlaw James' Pjs. I have a really cool patern that is father/son.. so James and Cole will match. I think Cole will get a kick out having PJs that match his daddies. So pretty much every free moment (and there aren't a lot of them) have been spent sewing and now it's crunch time. I still have to finish James and start on Cole and Mom gets here Friday.
Sewing aside work has been intensly busy as well, especially the Rogers TV listings stuff. Since everyone in Toronto is off over the Holidays the push is on to get any holiday ads in, which is intense. Usually I can work on them right up until a couple days before they air, but I now have to have everything that is going to on between now and January 13th done and gone. No wonder there never seems to be any time to update this blog.
Friday I spent the entire day in my office with Betty Rubin from Moncton going through pictures for here new ad. She had room in it for 9-12 images and brought 185 with her.. so it took a little while. After work we popped down to Sabastians for alittle News 88.9 party Dave Dobson was hosting.. it was fun, but damn expensive... thankfully it was a contra deal. I'm done with Sabastion's to tell the truth they are so overpriced it isn't funny... there's nothing "that Special" about the place to justify it. We had a Christmas comes early Friday at our office, thanks to a bankruptcy buyout. There was a company in Moncton that went out of business and we got all their equipment for a pretty good price. So after Dave's party we went home and spent the evening playing with our new toys.
Saturday was Brian Chisolm's anual Christmas open house... it's always very busy and lots of fun. It was a really early evening though, all the people we knew were gone by about 10 and the remainders were mostly Brian and Debbie's family so we called it an early night.
I spent Sunday sewing.
Monday I spent racing around the office trying to bring together all the elements for Betty Rubin's commercial so it could be overnighted to Ontario. I barely looked up from my computer screen all day and it was down to the wire. I was still putting the final touches on the audio at 6:20 and it had to be put to tape, packaged up and out the door delivered to same day on the west side by 7.... just made it.
Today I have a lighter work load, not as traumatic... we are going out for a company lunch a little later on (although it's almost 1 now... so it will be more a company dinner by the time we actually get around it.)

Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday Feast December 9

Apparently I haven't posted anything since last Friday.

Name something you'll miss about 2005.
The record breaking hurricane season. (Aside from all the damage.... it was still pretty cool that there were so many.)

What is one thought that went through your mind today?
I'm already sick of the election.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how compassionate would you say you are?
7 ish

Main Course
If you could invent something, what would it be?
A truly viable solar powered automobile.

Do you prefer salty snacks or sweet treats?
depends on my mood.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday Feast

When was the last time you did something you would consider courteous, what was it, and who was it for?
I held the door open for someone going into the dentist's office this morning.

If you were to have a painting done of you alone, what would you want the background to be?
The view of Melvin's Beach from the picnic shelter on the Fundy Trail

Describe your voice.
I have several voices.
My speaking voice (which sounds completely difffernt in my ear) is a little higher pitched than I'd like but whatcha gonna do?
My singing voice is quite powerful.
And my inner voice is very loud at times.

Main Course
What is something you would like to do, but you're afraid of the risk(s)?
Become a parent.

What was the last television show you watched?
Everybody Loves Raymond (it was the last thing on before I went to bed)