Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 18

Last night was the longest night in history. Well not really but it felt like it. I had to be up at the ungodly hour of 6 am (and before you say..."I have to get up that time everyday".... I don't...so it was too damn early as far as I'm concerned) so I could be in town and at K100 to meet up with Katie, Matt, and Stephen for our interview. It was a fun segment and the people who heard it said it sounded really good. I went back home afterwards to pick up Darrell and then we came back into town for work. I was feeling pretty good until 11 am, when I realized I was very tired and it was still only 11 am. It made for a very long cue to cue for me.

Our call was for 5:30 so I headed straight to the theatre from work, had mic check and 6, and then, since I don't come on until almost halfway through the first act, there was nothing for me to do , but pace around and sit here and there, and pace around some more until about 9:30 when they finally made their way to my scene. If only I could've found a nice place to curl up and have a nap, but unfortunatly cue to cues tend to jump around, and you need to be present in case they start a scene then skip to the end of it without running the whole thing. We got finished at midnight and managed to get through the majority of the show. There will be some touch up to be done tonight at the Dress and tech...but there always are, so we are right on track for opening night tomorrow. I can't believe it's already here. I can't wait to hear some response from an audience who are hearing it for the first time and haven't been at rehearsals watchig for two months. Tomorrow's "opening" night is actually our student dress rehearsal, but it has been opened up to the public, and the last graph that Jen had for seat availability showed very few yellow chairs, so it will be very much like an official opening night. It should be interesting as well, because student night tends to get laughter in places you don't expect, and no laughter in places you do, so combining them with the adult audience should make for some very interesting responses. I would advise you to get your tickets while you still can, already on nights like Friday they are mostly sold out. There are seats available if you want to go, but don't expect to sit together if there's more than one of you.... That shouldn't be a problem, since it's not like you're going to be having a conversation while the show is going on anyway...Right?

Here's a little photoshop fun with one of the images fromour Rob Roy photo shoot.

Chicago Image

Friday, November 07, 2008

November 7

I haven't posted on here in a long time it would seem. I have been insanely busy. There is a rehearsal every weeknight and every afternoon during the weekend. Plus I am still teaching two evenings a week, and working my actual job during the day.....very very busy. I knew it would be like this going in though.

My theatre curse is alive and well. Last Friday, some kind of stellar alignment or universal something happened and I found myself with the day off work and rehearsal. It was strange. I decided to use the opportunity to clena up some of the mess I made of the house while painting. I washed the floor and was moving the big concrete pot that contains our Canary Island Date palm back into place when my sandal slipped onthe wet floor...and you guessed it I kicked the pot with my barefoot and hurt my toe. Same toes I dropped the cabinet door on during Cabaret, on the same foot I dropped the end table on during Christmas Carol. So I'm hobbling slightly, but not too badly, and will be in fine form come show time. I am also battling a cold that came upon me a couple days ago. I'm kind of glad I got it now, so I can be over it by next week. The show is going great, and rehearsals are on shedule. We sing through with the band tomorrow morning, which I am really looking forward too. I love hearing everything come together for the first time. I've been resting my voice as much as possible because of the cold, so I hope to be in full form tomorrow. Lisa and Emily were intot the office yesterday and we recorded Lisa singing "All that Jazz" as backup music for the commercial on K100. a little later, Katie, Anthony, Emily, and I went to the station to voice the commercial...it was quite fun. I'm excited to hear the final edit on the air. We also had the Here magazine people in to do a story and take somepics of us all in Costume earlier in the week. We had a really good time with that as well. I think that will be in Thursday's Here magazine. We also got to see some of the images from our photo shoot with Rob Roy, and there are a few I really like. I can't share those with you at the moment however as they are for promo stuff and top secret at the moment...hee hee. Make sure you get your subscriptions soon, then deadling for draw prizes is closing in.