Thursday, July 09, 2009

Trip Home

I had a fantastic time on my trip home to BC. I flew out on the 16th of July from Saint John to Vancouver, then up to Williams Lake. My original trip was supposed to be from the 16 to the 27 and my WL to Vancouver flight was supposed to be the 16 and the 26 leaving me a night in Vancouver then home. However my return date got changed to the 1st so I had some time for a surprise trip to Vancouver Island.
My first few days in Williams Lake were nice and slow, I stayed at my Grandparent's house and everyone dropped by at one time or another. I dug my grade ten woodworking project out of the office and finished it. A mahogany Coffee table that we ran out of time in school to finish. It only needed a light sanding, some urithane and the top screwed, so 22 years later I finally got around to it and now it is in my grandparent's living room. Their brand new never used antoque coffee
On the Saturday there was a horseshoes tourny up at my Dad's place, and there were lots of people up there that I haven't seen in a long time as well as some I've never seen before. After the Horseshoes, I popped out to Chimney Lake to check in on Heather's 40th birthday Olympics, then I stopped by the Red Dog and sang a little karaoke before heading over to my cousin's place for her Daughter's birthday party. Busy Day. I hung out with my Cousin Laura catching up until about 3 am. Sunday I met up with Debbie and we went over to my Cousin Jim's place for his daughter's birthday. We ended up laughing long into the night, and then Monday, Debbie, Hether, Jim & Sylvie, and I went to the OV and laughed our asses off all night long. It was a great time.
Wednesday disaster struck and I battled a bout of food poisoning. I managed to still make it out for lunch with my aunt Brenda and spend some time catching up, but I spent the rest of the day and night either on or beside the toilet. I was severly dehydrated, and (found out after I got home and weighed myself) lost 15 pounds. Thursday Dad brought me some immodium and gravol and I spent the day on the couch drinking gatorade and sleeping, then Friday I was on the plane headed for Vancouver and the Island.
I can only imagine what Earle must've thought when he laid eye's on me at the sea plane terminal. I was all gaunt and flushed and weak. He took me back to his place, fed me some water and then we went out to Rick and Owen's place, where Earle had his tent set up. I was pretty tired so I didn't stay up late enough to see Rick when he got off work, but I got to see him the next afternoon at the hall where they were setting up for the Pride Dance. Earle's Band Wonderbread played at the dance and Rick did his Vikki Smudge (which has gotten a hell of a lot better than when we doing it 12 years ago - the bitch finally listened to me and starting doing his own singing.) I didn't know a lot of people at the dance which was actually pretty cool, because I was still feeling a little weak and icky, but I did manage to catch up with a few old friends, and I got to concentrate on watchign the band. In all the years I've known Earle I don't think I've actually been to one of his gigs. I've been to jams he's played at, but I think his gigs probably conflicted with mine in those days. It was a pleasure to see them play. Great energy, fantastic musicianship, and great music... the crowd really dug it too.
Sunday I got to spend the day and night with Jan and Mark. Jan swung by the campsite and collected me and too me to her house. I even got to have a nice lonog soak in her jacuzzi tub. It was a very healing experience. I finally felt like myself that day. The next morning Earle swung by and picked me up to take me down to Ladysmith to see my Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Vic, cousin Brett, and her new baby Holly~Anna. (Side Bar - Earled bartended until 3am and picked me up at 10 am....I don't have any friends like that in Saint John). After a short visit there, we were off to Chemainus to see my Grandma and my Aunty Kim. We spent most of the Afternoon at Grandma's new Townhouse and then we were back to the campsite so Earle could go to work. Tuesday morning we headed over to Earle's so he could be present while the concrete guys poured and stamped his patio, then we were off to lunch where we unexpectedly ran into Burton (my friend Bill's Boyfriend). He called Bill and Bill rushed over to see me. He was so happy he actually cried (nobody loves me that much in Saint John). He looks fantastic too...lost 140 pounds, I could actually get my arms all the way around him. We had a good visit, then it was off to the Nanaimo River to enjoy the sun and the water, then back to the campsite.
Wednesday Morning I reluctantly got on the plane and headed back to New Brunswick and the crappy excuse for a summer we've been having here. It was damn hard to get on the plane and leave all my friends and family behind.
I think a change of location is in my not so very distant future.