Wednesday, August 03, 2005

No Title

It's been a long time since I actuallyposted anything to this Blog, so I guess I better get off my butt and do it. There's no title here, because I have no idea what to actually write about today. Life has pretty much fallen into a nicely paced summer routine.... work all week (not too too hard), home the second we can get out the office door each day, and hang out at home doing yard work or just sitting onthe deck all weekend. All in all pretty nice way to pass the time.
At work I have three projects on the go right now, that are threatening to take over my life in the near future, but I am chipping away at each of them now, so they won't be mammoth undertakings as the deadlines draw nearer.
At home there are lots and lots of projects we would like to do, so we are doing the little ones we can immediately and prioritising the rest. As far as excitment goes.......... I'm finding myself excited over tiny little things right now, since there isn't anything big going on. (you take it where you can get it)
One thing I'm kind of excited about (most people will think I'm out of my mind for this one) is my Cocoa Tree. I got it shipped up to Maine from Florida several months ago and drove down to bring it across the border, no big deal. Once I got it home though, it was extremely shocked and began to drop it's leaves. They are an understory rain forest type tree, so they like high humidity and indirect light. The light part is fairly easy, the humidity is another story... so I eventually took some dowling and build a little scafolding around the pot then wrapped it in cling wrap to make little greenhouse. The tree finally started to come back to life and slowly I started leaving the top flap of cling wrap open for longer and longer to acclimatize the tree. Then just when I was ready to remove it from it's tomb we moved. On a happy note, we bought a house that has a skylight in the bathroom so I threw caution to the wind, removed the cling wrap, and put the tree in said room. I'm excited because there are now seven new branches growing on it, and it is about to bloom.....(I think it's happy there). I don't know exactly how to go about polinating it once it has bloomed and there is not al ot of information online about it, so I am searching and searching to find something that will help. I would love to actually get the tree to produce a cocoa pod, and then plant the seeds to start new trees.
See what I mean about excited over tiny things?
As boring and domestic as it all sounds I'm actually enjoying the relaxed pace for a change. We had some people over on Sunday for a Bar-B-Q, and it was a lot of fun. The long weekend was absolutely gorgeous, until Monday when it poured (but I didn't have to water the garden or the lawn). We even took Friday off so we'd have an extra day. I'm still not quite recovered from all the time off to tell the truth. It really throws off my internal clock when my routine is switched around like that....I must be getting old and set in my ways.
As you can see, I haven't really put an entry into this blog for pretty good reason.... there hasn't been anything to put. I suppose I could pop on each day and say, " It was 27 degrees and we sat on the deck in the sun today," but how many times could you read that before you wanted to shoot someone?