Thursday, November 24, 2005


Went to see the Movie Rent last night. I'd have to say all in all, not bad. I saw the touring show when it was at the Imperial Theatre in Saint John last year and fell in love the music. Unfortunately the band in the live show often overpowered the singing so parts of the story were compleetely lost to me, but I managed to walk away with the point. The movie didn't have any problems with live musicians overpowering the singers though, although the thumping and booming from the Harry Potter movie in the theatre next to us was little annoying, and I had to constantly restrain myself from singing along. Quite a few people from Christmas Carol were in attendance, since we sent out a mass cast e-mail before the show to arrange a bit of a meeting. Everyone was still a little tired and run down from the show so there was nothing special planned for afterwards and Darrell and I just went home.
Darrell is not a fan of the musical, so I had hoped that Rent would be the one to finally win him over... no such luck. But to each their own. I enjoyed the movie and the evening out and had a good time. I will opf course be getting the DVD the second it is available and cranking it up on our stereo to watch it again... probably singing along at the top of my voice.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I think I could sleep for a week, or at least an extra couple hours.
Now that Christmas Carol has run it's course Imay actually find a little time to kick back and rest up. But I know I am really going to miss that show. This time around there was a particularly fun group of people involved so rehearsals often spilled over into drinks afterwards (which actually starts getting a little expensive... good thing it's only a few weeks). All things considered though I woul dhave to say this was the best time I've had doing a show so far. Don't get me wrong I've had really great times with all the other shows I've done, but this one was different.
To begin with I was out of my usual element, this was a non musical show. I am not very confident in my acting abilities compared to my singing abilities, and being in a huge cast of really good actors was a little intimidating. It certainly forced me to dig a lot deeper, pull out my best game as it were... then push past it. So I feel like I walked away a lot better for the experience. I certainly had a great time.
The show actually fell at just the right time too. Darrell's mother, Joan,flew out from Barrie for a visit during the final week, so I was quite busy working and doing the show and they got to spend the week together uninterupted. They came to Thursday's opening night performance, and joan had a really good time. Darrell's not big on Theatre but he also liked it so it must've been better than I thought. hehehe
The cast party was a great time. We did some karaoke, some dancing, some singing with guitars, and a lot of drinking. Needless to say Monday morning at work was not the most pleasant experince I've had, but being completely self inflicted who can feel sorry for me?
I am now trying to get motivated to finish up a couple work projects... feeling very uncreative and disinterested, but I'll pull it out of somewhere I'm sure.