Monday, June 23, 2008


I had a really nice weekend. Darrell is still in Ontario visiting the folk so I am still batchin. I got some cleaning done, not much but some. It was a beautiful day on Friday and I was at work alone most of the day, so I considered closing up shop around noon and taking off to Fredericton to visit my cousin, but couldn't because I had my animation class to teach at 6:30 that evening. I am definitely going to have that changed in the fall.....NO MORE FRIDAY CLASSES! Or Mondays for that matter... fucks up too many weekend things. If we have along weekend and take Friday sucks to have to come into town just to teach a class for an hour, only to get there and have two kids show up. Tuesday - Thursdays from now on I think. In fact I think I will pause and send Jim and e-mail about that right now, before the day gets away from me.

Okay back.

Saturday night I was just hanging out watchign the fish and some tv and the neighbours called to see if I wanted to come help them christen their new screened in porch so I headed over there for a couple hours and had a couple beer.

Sunday I worked at getting the dishes and the laundry done. I had plans with Brian and Helen to go into the vortex for dinner and a movie, and when they showed up to pick me up the clothes weren't completely dry yet, so I left them. We went to Montanas for dinner. I had a really great burger, and to make it even better, the Bonds treated....thanks guys!! We were quite full and a little rushed for time so we passed on dessert and headed over for the 6:35 showing of Sex and the City. I was pleasantly surprised by it. I was expecting it to be a fashion show with some gratutious nudity, but it was actually quite good. The plot was a bit contrived, but it wrapped up some things from the series nicely and had some laugh out loud moments. If you liked the series you will like the movie. It runs almost two and half hours, and by the time it was over our dinners had settled, so we headed back to Montanas for dessert. Helen had their Brownie Mountain, which was brownies with fudge and caramel sauce, topped with ice cream, and served in a four cup measuring cup. Brian had the Apple Cobbler, also served in the measuring cup, and I had the mile high mud pie. They were all really good, and we didn't finish them all.

By the time they dropped me off at home it was quite foggy so I left the laundry on the laundry on the line, then I chatted with Darrell on MSN for while. He's having a nice trip so far. Then I headed off for bed and forgot to bring the laundry in. This morning I awoke to the sounds of a tourential downpour, and realized that the laundry may have to stay on the line a while longer to dry. Had I known...I could've saved the electricity of running the washer as well....hehehe.

Darrell was supposed to be coming home on Tuesday, but that has changed thanks to Tuesdays with Morrie. For the Canada Day Long weekend we had planned on taking the Friday and the Monday as well as Canada Day, and Making a little holiday of it, which I could really use right now. Even though I took a week and went to Calgary, that wasn't a vacation it was a visit, and as fun as it was, it really wore me out. So we were planning to have a nice relaxing five day weekend where we could do anything we wanted or nothing at all, and then I got the rehearsal schedule for the restaging of Tuesdays with Morrie out in KV. Turns out there is something planned for every single day of the weekend as well as the holiday Tuesday, so our little plans are completely fucked. Had I known that was going to happen I wouldn't have agreed to participate in the show no matter how much I love it. But now that I've committed I certainly wouldn't dream of backing out and letting everybody down. I thought I had leanred my lesson with Guys and Dolls.... NO SHOWS IN THE SUMMER. The summer here is too damn short to start with, and we work too damn hard all year round to have one of the only long weekends of the summer taken up with rehearsals.... Yes I'm kind of pissed about it. At any rate, since I'm going to be busy all weekend, Darrell decided there was no reason to come home in the middle of the week, and pushed his flight back to Saturday instead. So he'll get to spend a few extra days with his family in Ontario and I will get to spend a few extra days alone at home with the dogs and the fish.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Had to head up to Moncton this morning for my quarterly visit with the transplant specialist. It's been nearly 4 months since I went off the drugs and everything is as it should be, so she decided I didn't need to see her again for another year. I can now also drop my monthly blood work to every three months (which is about what I usually get around to anyway). So all in all a very good visit to the doctor. I also stopped in to Noble Aquariums and picked upa juvenile clarkii clown fish to replace our male who recently died. I was sad when he died because the clarkii pair were the first salt water fish we got when we set up the tank, so we are more attached to them. The female doesn't seem to like him all that much yet, but luckily he's small enough to fit into a bunch of places she can't fit.
Darrell is in Ontario for the next week, and I left the dogs home, so I didn't want to waste a lot of time hanging about in Moncton. I headed right home after picking up the fish. As I always do on my way home, I gave a mental Shout out to the reigning Miss Norton, as I passed the sign on the highway.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Last night I finally got the bug and went out and treated myself to a new laptop. Total impulse buy, but am very happy with it. I will now be able to retire my giant PC at work and bring it home, clearing up some realestate on the desk.
The laptop is an HP, I was looking for a toshiba, but they didn;t have the one I wanted, so I settled onthis one, which is actually a little better specwise. It has 17 inch monitor, built in cam, and lots of little extras that make it worthwile. It will be so nice to work without so much clutter in on the desk.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Long Time no blog

I've been neglecting my blog, mostly because I haven't had anything new to talk about.
Mostly life has been same old same old. I'm still trying to get over the cold I picked up in Calgary. Just when I think it's over it comes back, so it's starting to really get on my nerves.
Last week I did a little volunteering for the Animal Rescue League. I spend a couple hour Thursday standing outside the liquor store at Prince Edward's Square collecting donations. Of all the liquor stores in Saint John to stand outside of....that one is... well...that one is kind of heartbreaking. There are some very damaged people in the world, and it's quite sad, and if you want to see them, just stand outside the Prince Edwards Square Liquor store for two hours in the middle of the afternoon. What is very surprising is who actually puts their change in the bucket and who doesn't. It seems the people youwould least expect to be generous ar the one who are the most, and the people who would expect to have the change to spare are the ones who pretend you aren't there. There was one guy, who quite leterally begged for money in the street to get enough to buy a bottle, then came out the door and put the rest of his change in the bucket (that was Saturday). But, buddy in a brand new mustang wouldn't even look me in the eye.
On to other things. My cousin Laura recently moved to Fredericton and I finally got a chance to see her for the first time since she's been here on Saturday Afternoon, after my shift at Prince Edward's Square. She and her significant other, Ray, came down to do a little exploring and we me tup at the office around 3. I haven't seen her in well over a decade since she was just a chubby little girl, but she has grown into an extremely beautiful, intelligent, and wonderful young woman. I had a really great time getting reaquainted. Laura was bornt he same year my sister was, so she's ten eyars younger than me, and she lived up in the Queen Charrolotte Islands until she graduated highschool so I didn't get to see her that often growing up. Her boyfriend (for lack of a better more appropriate title), Ray, is a very nice guy. He's a chef and took an amazing job at a restaurant in Fredericton, which is what brought them out here from Vancouver. I think they're both still a little culture shocked, but are finding that there are a lot of oportunities that the maritimes offer that Vancouver just can't. I was already in town when they arrived, so Darrell drove in and met us all and then we headed out to the house to drop off some vehicles and tooka trip to Saint Martin's to have a late lunch at the restaurant by the caves. It wasn't haute cuisine by any stretch of the imagination, but it wasn't terrible either. It's just so nice to have a little family close by. I can't wait to spend more time together and show them around the maritimes, and now that Laur's here, it's pretty much a given my aunt Kelly will come out for a visit and probably my cousin Robert as well (who I haven't seen since he was alittle boy so I could probably trip over him and not recognise him). Who knows... with two grandkids out here, and all the golf courses we may even see my Grandma put in an appearance.
Sunday we spent the day cleaning the disaster that is our house. It has been so neglected and fallen into a state of total chaos. I was mortified to bring Ray and Laura over to see the filth. We got a good chunk of it taken care of, but there's still quite a bit to do. I finally got up the nerve to tackle the downstairs bathroom, which was the absolute worst offender, and it is now spotless. When you tackle the biggest job first and get it out of the way, the rest seem less oppressive.
As usual we are hard at it at work...nose to the grindstone pluggin away which I should get back to.

Long Time no blog