Tuesday, March 24, 2009


First day of spring was Friday. First Day of Spring MY ASS!! It has snowed three times since the "First Day of Spring." Here's an idea, how about we change the Canadian Calendar to actually reflect the Canadian Seasons. Spring means, Snow melting, grass turning green, leaves and and flowers growing, not 10 cm of snow falling and bitter cold.
By this time of the winter I have had it so much with the snow and the gray skies, that to think spring has started and then get snowfall, actually feels like a physical assault. Like being punched in the gut. WE should adjust the calendar so that spring starts in April, when it actually starts in most areas of the Country, not March. Our seasons shouldn't be reflective of some ancient Italian calendar, any more than our time zones are. Australia doesn't call our winter winter, because for them it's summer, so if we're still entrenched in Winter why are we calling it spring?

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